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CLT insulates and is load-bearing at the same time. All aspects are easily  completed using the same material (wall, roof, floor...), making it easy to plan and build.


Made of 99.4% renewable timber and 0.6%  formaldehyde-free glue, CLT is a sustainable, high-tech product that also contributes to a healthy indoor environment.

CLT buildings

Spectacular and economical projects are possible due to the

available dimensions and load-bearing capabilities of CLT.


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Timber buildings common in much of continental Europe are now taking off in a new dimension.

Due to their flexibility and adaptability, cross-laminated renewable timber panels have given architects and engineers options in timber  construction not previously available to them.

Wood as a building material has been around since humans built their first shelters.  Neglected during the recent steel and concrete craze, wood, in the form of cross-laminated timber, is coming back in a big way.

More options for you  

At SBR, we have designers, architects and engineers on staff who are experienced and familiar with the CLT product and able to maximize the new possibilities CLT offers for any design.



High quality Glulam structures fully   CNC-machined, ready to assemble.   Up to 200mm x 400mm x 11,500mm standard.



Highly insulating double/triple glazed windows (U 1.4 down  to U 0.6), doors, sliding doors in uPVC, timber and thermally-broken aluminium.




Air and wind-tightness system.





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We offer a complete package from design over approval, certification to installation of the CLT structure - Australia wide.

We design for and with  CLT !  

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