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CLT board burns extremely slowly

and therefore safely!

If one side of CLT burns with approx. 1.210 °C, only 9.5° C penetrates through to the other side of the 10 cm thick board after 60 minutes.





The fire test on a three-storey SOFIE building carried out at the Building Research Institute in Tsukuba in Japan has shown that this building type can survive a fire blast of one hour maintaining its mechanical properties and structural integrity, thus never endangering its inhabitants and showing capacities absolutely comparable to those of concrete or brick buildings. For the test, one room was filled with mattresses and furniture which was then lighted with petrol. The flames spread within the room until reaching the ceiling, but the other rooms remained untouched and the load-bearing structures of the building were only marginally touched. A result expected by the researchers and experts of the sector who know perfectly well that a building with a load-bearing system made of Cross laminated timber, designed and realised according to the state-of-the-art, has no higher fire risk than other buildings.