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Design for tomorrow


Timber buildings are taking off in a new dimension.

Cross-laminated renewable timber panels & glulam beams in their flexibility and adaptability have given our designers and engineers new options in timber design and  construction which have never been available before:


• Outstanding technical & engineering properties.

• Large dimensions and free spans /cantilevers possible  (Length up to 20m,

   width up to 4.2m).

• High dimensional stability and strength due to cross lamination.

• 99.4% renewable timber, 0.6% formaldehyde-free glue.

• No toxic chemicals, in particular no formaldehyde used.

• Insulates and is load bearing at the same time.

• Simple planning and building. All aspects are easily completed using

   laminated timber elements.

• Housing, forward-looking industrial buildings, even bridges – with solid wood  

    elements you can realize your dream.

• Solid wood elements can be used extremely flexibly and combine very well

   with other building materials.

• Spectacular and economical projects are possible due to the available     dimensions and load bearing capabilities.

• Sustainable and carbon-neutral building design is made easy through the positive lifetime energy outcome of CLT & GLULAM.


Wood as a building material has come back in a big way.

The mass timber building system allows architects to realise their vision